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 A Practical Guide to Compressor Technology, 2nd Edition

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PostSubject: A Practical Guide to Compressor Technology, 2nd Edition   Fri Mar 28, 2008 1:35 am

ISBN: 0471727938
Title: A Practical Guide to Compressor Technology (2nd Edition)
Author: Heinz P. Bloch
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience ; 2nd edition (September 14, 2006)
Publication Date: 2006-09-14
Number Of Pages: 574

Ch. 1 Theory 3
Ch. 2 Reciprocating Process Compressor Design Overview 33
Ch. 3 Reciprocating Compressor Performance Considerations 69
Ch. 4 Labyrinth Piston Compressors 99
Ch. 5 Hyper Compressors 111
Ch. 6 Metal Diaphragm Compressors 127
Ch. 7 Lobe-Type and Sliding Vane Compressors 137
Ch. 8 Liquid Ring Compressors 145
Ch. 9 Rotary Screw Compressors 151
Ch. 10 Reciprocating Compressor Performance and Sizing Fundamentals 179
Ch. 11 Simplified Equations for Determining Performance of Dynamic Compressors 217
Ch. 12 Design Considerations and Manufacturing Techniques 227
Ch. 13 Dry Gas Seal and Magnetic Bearing Systems 325
Ch. 14 Couplings, Torque Transmission, and Torque Sensing 347
Ch. 15 Lubrication, Sealing, and Control Oil Systems for Turbomachinery 367
Ch. 16 Compressor Control 373
Ch. 17 The Head-Flow Curve Shape of Centrifugal Compressors 395
Ch. 18 Applying Multiple Inlet Compressors 411
Ch. 19 Predicting Compressor Performance at New Conditions 427
Appendix A Properties of Common Gases 437
Appendix B Shortcut Calculations and Graphical Compressor Selection Procedures 445
Index 501
OR A_Practical_Guide_to_Compressor_Technology.rar
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A Practical Guide to Compressor Technology, 2nd Edition
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